Nomenclature, Acronyms and Communication.

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Since time immemorial guilds had developed language used to communicate ideas and concepts to their members. This language, once established, was also used to exclude non-members from being able to understand their ‘secrets’ unless they became accepted and inducted into the guild.

Whilst Businesses in general and Information Technology in particular have the appearance of being inclusive the use of industry specific nomenclature and the explosion in the use of acronyms can create a barrier to entrance that is just as difficult to pass as was that of the guilds.  Terms used within a line of business can be identical in sound across industries but have very different meanings. Acronyms, including the dreaded TLA (Three Letter Acronym), can have quite diverse meanings depending on the industry and the context within which they are used.

The problem with communication is where not all parties are familiar with all aspects of the language to be used.

Prior to good communication being established a common vocabulary must be in place and agreed by all participants. TLAs, if they must be used, should be explained on first use.

Without this misunderstandings will take place.

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  1. Peter T says:

    OK – I’ll say it. IT needs to guild mind set as marketers keep renaming existing technologies.

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