You’ve built me what?

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What the business wants from IT and what it gets from IT can often be very different things. This may not purely be the fault of either the business or IT but be a fault in the very nature of communication itself. Language can be imprecise in its use with the same word, term or even acronym meaning different things to different people. The failure to establish a common vocabulary when commencing a conversation can lead to significant misunderstanding about expectations.

When gathering requirements for a business initiative they must be expressed in terms that are absolutely unambiguous to all parties. Supplying associated acceptance criteria for each requirement can provide necessary validation of the requirement’s intent and IT should play back to the business what it understands.

To ensure that what is delivered is what was wanted, bidirectional communication between parties must be clear. Without this, no matter how competent both the business and IT are at filling their respective roles the end result of any initiative will be anyone’s guess.

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