Behavioural Motivators: Politics and Power

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Competing agendas from multiple individuals within an organisation can be counter-productive. These often exist as a consequence of the ‘political’ machinations that are progress. Some individuals within a business, whether consciously or unconsciously strive to gain personal power and influence. The activities in which they engage and how they proceed, are frequently designed to enhance their own standing. Consequently, when the personal goals of the individual do not align with that of the business, there may be a conflict of interest which can adversely affect the performance of other individuals and the business itself.  Perceived success in this situation is measured from the personal perspective rather than from the business as a whole.

Almost everyone has come across ‘the Empire Builder’ within an organisation. Whilst the way they operate may not be ultimately malignant, the fact that they exist may cause others within the organisation to attempt to counter their plans with their own. Focus is subsequently redirected from that of the business to that of the individual.

It is probably inevitable that any given business will have some level of political power play in progress at any given time. In recognising this, a wise business manager will attempt to temper the politics by ensuring that all individuals retain a focus on business goals.

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