Extending the ‘Business on a Page’

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Extending the ‘Business on a Page’

Once having expressed the how a business looks through a “Business on a Page” visualisation it is important, to gain maximum benefit, that an understanding of the relationship between the different components be established.


Exploring a Service for example we see that

• It may support different product offerings
• It requires the use of technology platform
• It may be supported by suppliers
• It leverages Capabilities
• It is delivered through various channels
• It is consumed by a Client within an particular market segment
• It may have Competitors

By understanding how any given Service relates to the rest of the business a better appreciation of how change in any facet will impact other facets can be reached.

By moving the ‘Business on a Page’ from being a pure visualisation or diagram to something that is dynamic and with an underlying structure a fundamental seed of an operational Enterprise Architecture, supporting the business and providing a strong decision support tool, has been sown.

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