Assessing Process Value

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Processes define how the business actually interacts with the world. Each process must have a valid purpose that assists with the delivery of the business strategy. Each process and its component parts will have an outcome that can be measured for its efficacy.

Central to understanding how the business operates and how to potentially improve that operation is gaining an appreciation of how processes interact with one another and how changes to their structure and flow can affect associated business outcomes.

Processes are rarely stand-alone, being triggered by some upstream event or outcome resulting from another process. Physically documenting how each process works: how it interacts with others and what information is flowing (from what and to where) assists in the gaining of an end-to-end view of what is happening within the business. By overlaying key measures such as

  • Cost of operation
  • Time taken to complete
  • Step and total value earned

the effects of change on business benefit can be better assessed.

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