Enterprise Architecture: Establishing a supporting Framework

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ImageWith a decision to establish an Enterprise Architecture some preliminary design work is absolutely essential.

Assuming that the business is not ‘Greenfield’ and that there has been some development of architectural collateral, some structure to the Enterprise Architecture must be adopted that not only provides the value to the business that is expected but also provides resonance with the user community within that same business. With a ‘Greenfield‘ business the opportunity to adopt and ‘off-the-shelfframework is certainly worthwhile as, with no ‘baggage‘ to bring to the table there are potentially less issues to resolve.

The Enterprise Architecture must not be perceived as an esoteric construct that no-one other than the Enterprise Architecture ‘acolytes’ understand but must be something that is fully understood by and integrated into the business.

Ensuring that a Framework is adopted into which architectural components may reside, with some degree of comfort that it provides users with the ability to navigate to any area in which that have some interest, provides for a greater degree of ‘take-up’ with the business as a whole.

Without this business users are just as likely say ‘it is all too hard’ and ignore the Enterprise Architecture completely or just pay it ‘lip service’ where ignoring is not an option.

Establishing a workable Framework that is understood by its users ensures all relevant stakeholders can partake in architectural conversations that are both meaningful and positive.

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