Using the Enterprise Architecture to tell a story.

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ImageWith the availability of a well-populated Enterprise Architecture the opportunity of developing the narrative in support of delivering on a Business Strategy is greatly enhanced.

With the ability to establish line of site visibility from strategy through to execution a complete story of how the strategy can be, or has been realised, can be established.

Using the story as a means of communication it can:

  • highlight issues, concerns and risks;
  • expose bottlenecks,  constraints and dependencies;
  • reveal business impacts and
  • provide a vehicle through which success can be measured and assessed.

The story, providing a description of how various components of interest are related,  can also expose  the journey, giving insight into what decisions have been or should be made and why.

An Enterprise Architecture is not just a repository of useful business knowledge but, with appropriate access granted provides support for disseminating that knowledge to those that need it, with a structure that allows the building of logically consistent messages.

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