Business Goals must be defined and then measured.

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ImageAll organisations should have formulated a set of goals and objectives, derived from their mission and vision statements and supporting their business strategy. The completeness of these goals and how they are managed  can influence the ability of the organisation to be a success.

Having established goals provides real focus and ensures, with the assistance of governance and compliance processes, that all functions and elements within a business are moving in a common direction.

Without goals:

  • the business lacks specific direction
  • is without focus and
  • has everyone, in the worst case scenario, doing  their own thing

As progress is made in realising business goals a regime of monitoring real performance is essential.  With consistent monitoring

  • Progress against a plan can be reliably reported.
  • Accountability for either success or failure is improved.
  • Where issues or risks are identified the facilitation of corrective action or mitigation strategies is enhanced.
  • Feedback supports improved strategic planning and future goal setting.

With well-defined business goals defined a sense of real purpose will be apparent within the business. With tangible and achievable measures set individuals within the business can experience a true sense of achievement during the journey of achieving those goals.

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