Enterprise Architecture: Measuring its success.

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ImageThe effectiveness of an operational Enterprise Architecture should be measured just like any other business initiative that has been put into production.

Unless there is a demonstrable benefit to the business it will always be regarded as an overhead and eventually no longer used.

Assessing an Enterprise Architecture’s effectiveness requires first obtaining relevant base-lined quantitative measures against which the outcomes generated by the Enterprise Architecture can be compared.

These measures should ideally be established, as they should with any project, when building the business case supporting the need for an Enterprise Architecture. The measures should reflect what is important to business and reflect what they wish to achieve in having an Enterprise Architecture.

Indicative measures such as:

  • % increase in re-use
  • % decrease in re-work
  • % decrease in in exemptions (to policies or standards)
  • % decrease in time it take to make a decision (comparing decisions with comparable levels of complexity)
  • % reduction in duplication of data

all provide some indication of benefit that can be given to the business as a direct consequence of having an Enterprise Architecture

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2 Responses to Enterprise Architecture: Measuring its success.

  1. Peter T says:

    Don’t forget the all time ideal – shorter project cycles.

  2. Oliver Baier says:

    Hi. Good post.

    In analogy to the point on data, I suggest “% reduction in duplication of capabilities” ir functions, if you prefer). These may be implemented in software, but this doesn’t matter in this context.

    In both cases (data & capabilities), some types of duplication might be beneficial, though.

    On a different note, you proposals seem to focus on efficiency. In addition to this, what about effectiveness? What about EA as enabler, as providing options?

    Lastly, have you come across Chris Pott’s notion of “structural performance” in EA?


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