Enterprise Architecture: Transitioning from Goals to Outcomes and Capabilities to Services

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BLOG - Capability to Services

To succeed, a business needs to transition its goals into beneficial outcomes.

Goals, in being realised, need to be supported by business capability which describes what a business is able to do and services which leverage combined capabilities to define something tangible that can be consumed by either internal or external customers.

Whilst capabilities define the ‘what’ and have an internal focus, services define the ‘what and how’ and are more externalised.

Customers of a businesses are directly interested in what services the business offers not necessarily what it is capable of doing. Customers may be intimately interested in how well the services are executed as they are personally affected.

Services should be defined that progress the goals of the business but should also play to the business capabilities. A service that does not progress business goals should be questioned as to its existence. A service poorly executed, through not having the business not having the capability to deliver, will not be received well by its consumers.

An Enterprise Architecture can be pivotal to establishing services that progress the goals of the business. With the ability to determine the capabilities required to support the deliver business goals the Enterprise Architecture can assist in highlighting what areas of the business need maturing. An Enterprise Architecture can also provide information to support the assessment of services that should be either developed or changed.

Keeping business value clearly in sight services can be constructed from existing, new or improved capability that provide the greatest benefit.

An Enterprise Architecture provides a business with a tool that assists in defining:

  • What capabilities are required?
  • What Services provide the best value?
  • What benefit each service is expected to render to the business and
  • What benefits are ultimately realised?

Successfully transitioning from business goals through capability development to service delivery provides business outcomes that provides the expected realisation of business benefits.

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